Friday, November 25, 2011

Makeup Wish

I don't know when will I afford such cosmetics but its been on my mind for a while now. I admit I don't wear makeup that often but for some reason I fell in love with this line of product and would like to start maybe a collection out of this.

My first purchase would be the staples:
Face: Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation NC20, Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer, Fix + Spray, Matte Gel
Eyes: Pro Palette Eyeshadow x4, Refill Pan eyeshadows in Knight Divine, All that Glitters, Embark, Shimmermoss, Paint Pot in Bare Study
Lips: Lipsticks in Viva Glam 1, Half and Half, Vegas Volt, Lusterglass in Pinkarat, Tinted lipglass in Nymphette

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review: Safe haven by Nicolas Sparks

The Story: Kate/Erin, who is in hiding due to an abusive relationship with her husband Kevin. She is described as a very attractive woman despite (at first few chapters) looking a little pale and thin. I was thinking about Julia Roberts while I was reading this. She was able to start all over again in a certain village in North Carolina and managed her self to get a job as a waitress and get her place to stay which is a bit quite old a and rusty. She found a friend in Jo, her next door neighbor who seems to be mysterious since she's out a lot. And found her self a new love with grey-haired Alex (I imagined Eric Dane), widowed and happens to own a convenience in that area and lives with his 2 kids.

As per google, there is already the movie equivalent for these and is due for release on June 2012. Actors considered for the role were:

Kate/Erin: Scarlett Johanson, Kate Bosworth, Natalie Portam
Alex: Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling
Jo: Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Rachel McAdams
Kevin: Mark Wahlberg, Collin Farrell, Bradley Cooper

Spoiler Alert!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Love for Lippies

Ah, lipsticks! I can’t get enough of them. These babies are my makeup staples apart from powder foundation. I would try to collect as many lipsticks as I can and not open them yet until I finish all 5 shades (pink, red, neutral, coral, plum) am using at present time. The thing with high end lipsticks is that you get what you paid for. Most of the time they are very pigmented, mostly sport a unique color, creamy smooth easy application, and packed with several minerals and vitamins for your smackers. The downside though is that they are most likely in limited edition, have funky cosmetics smell, and overly crazy pricey. I wouldn’t mind to get a Chanel lipstick as a gift for myself this Christmas. It would be a first. Lippie love.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Product Review: Godiva Fruitonique

Claims: Uses stem cells from rare Swiss apples to make human skin cells young again. Has fruit extracts for gentle skin exfoliation 
contains licorice extract to even out skin tone, Centella Asiatica for firmer skin, and Squalane oil for hydration.

Claims: The rejuvenating power of Swiss Apple Stem Cells, captured by Godiva. Now concentrated in Fruitonique Re-Youth Serum, a remarkably revitalizing element that makes skin cells young again. 

Photo Source:

Verdict: Not Approved!

I've used this product for a whole month and nothing happened. I did not intentionally bought this but a saleslady from the department store approached me and said she noticed a couple of freckles on my skin and that there is a product she highly recommends and she personally uses and had diminished her freckles, too. I say she is a good seller she quite convinced me but she lied as well. And from I read on the products website, they really do train their saleslady very well since the products compete with other imported products from the mall as well and Godiva is intended to be positioned as somewhat imported although Philippine made. This made me purchase it because I want to be proud of being Pinoy but made me disappointed in the end.
My freckles are still there, did not even lighten, and no major changes on my skin. I haven't felt any major exfoliation (even micro exfoliation) on the cream. Godiva products boasts of licorice (which they say is expensive on their website) as its major component but it did not even, even out my skin tone. The only thing amazing with these products is perhaps the very distinct Apple scent which made me also purchase it. 
I forgot exactly the price of each but what i can remember is I spent around Php 600-700 on "this epic fail" products. And made me regret every cent of it.